Rw's Planes Over Millbrae Photography

Hey folks here is my new batch of photographs from Millbrae CA. Today was so chill I hung out at a Bayfront park. Airplanes were taking off to destinations unknown to me so I caught it all on camera. Be sure to leave sum likes if you wish or follow Rw’s Random Blog thank you all.

Until Next Time Folks

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Rw's Journey 2 Fort Mason SFO

Hey folks I’m back with another post. I recently visited San Francisco’s historical landmark Fort Mason.

Fort Mason

My journey started off at market St and Powell Mason cable car station. The rain was pouring down on the city streets luckily I had some slip proof boots, and a trusty umbrella to keep me somewhat dry.

Powell Market St Cable Car Turnaround Station

Hey folks it’s Q&A time.
Please share your favorite memory riding San Francisco’s Cable Cars?
2. What is your favorite restaurants in the city?
3. Your best moments in downtown San Francisco?

Fort Mason

Fort Mason

Thanks 4 Tuning In 2 Rw’s Random Blog

Rw’s Random Blog Random Reviews A Quick Bite Literally

Dec 13th, 2019 It was a gloomy cloudy day N Oakland aka Oaktown. My hunger for cheap seafood had lead to this hole in the wall joint called Quick Bite. A place where an odd character randomly pops in to say hello in the form of crazy obscenities yikes. Never the less the good food makes up for this in a way. My food order of the day was a 2 piece fish fillet meal with a side of hot French fries.
The fish fillets was screaming hot so I had to let them cool down a bit you know what I’m saying folks wink wink nudge nudge. Anyways the fish batter was crunchy and well seasoned on the outside, and tender and flavorful on the inside. The fries was lightly salted and crispy on the outside with possibly cajon seasonings.There was some beautiful artwork displayed on the red dingy walls of this lovely hole in the wall restaurant on Franklin, and 15th street.The customer service was very nice and my food was prepared in a reasonably matter of time. Although I had to keep my guard up in this Oaktown downtown streetz as sketchy folks would pop in and cause sum ruckus then bounce like a bank check with insufficient funds lol. There was an assortment of packaged desserts on display like sweet potato pie, and cold non fountain drinks I choose a small can of off brand diet coke to wash down my hot and fresh meal. My debit card had to be chipped in order to pay for my meal so if you folks want to visit be prepared for that,as well as no public restrooms I wont stress that enough already. My overall rating for Quick Bite is 8 out of 10.

Quick Bite

1511 Franklin St
Oakland, California 94612

Rw’s Random Blog Featured N Victor’s Words Full Moon Updates Dec 11th 2019

In 24 hours…

the LAST (& most important) Full Moon of the year will come to a peak…

This will usher in a NEW energy…

completely different to what we’ve experienced all year.

There’s ONE thing however,

that you MUST release…

right now…

This sneaky thing…

drags at your heals when you attempt to make a positive change in your life.  

places illusory limitations on your dreams… (that are born from your soul)

Lies to you… steals from you… and makes you think it’s your idea!

without this thing…

you can BE… DO… and have ANYTHING!

Do you know what I’m referring to?

I think you do 🙂

It’s the ONLY thing holding you back from greatness!

It’s one small… but potent word…


My friend, your doubts… though convincing… and appearing to be legitimate…

are nothing more than a “relapse”

A relapse back into an old train of thought…

that is representative of the “past you”

& has nothing to do with the person reading this email.

The person reading this email has been through a lot…

has grown a lot!

Transformed a lot!

Released a lot!

The person reading this email is a person that’s riding on MOMENTUM…

The person reading this email (right NOW)… is on fire!

With progress…

Has been guided…


& once you remember that releasing doubt is a simple matter of…

taking you foot off the breaks…

You will realize that just how fast you can go!

You will EXPERIENCE just how exhilarating of a road you’re already on!

& you will take this beautiful energy that you’ve worked so hard to purify and share it with the world.

What do you say?

Are you ready?

Let’s do it…

Sit back right now and imagine your driving a Ferrari… or whatever fast car you love.

Imagine your right foot is on the gas… (pedal to the metal!)

Imagine your left foot is pressing on the break.

I want you to picture this…

and feel yourself slowly lifting your left foot off the breaks…

As you do this… there will be some noise… as the wheels start to gain traction.

Now I want you to lift your left foot off all the way.

& let yourself go.

Blasting into the unknown…

Fast as hell!

With a smile on your face 🙂


Much love my friend… for MORE about this Full Moon energy check out my YouTube channel (TONIGHT @ 5pm)

I already filmed it and it was one of the most powerful videos I’ve ever created.

you don’t wanna miss it 🙂

See you tonight!

& congratulations and thank you for the work you’ve done this year.

Much love,



Rw’s Random Blog Featured Any Advice 4 Today Gone With The Wind

December 9, 2019
I’ll never be hungry again. Those are the words from “Gone With The Wind” that Roger exclaimed yesterday when he came to realize who he was, and his value. That is what he desires for all, and this message may help many of you begin to understand this as well.

First off, we awakened him at 3 AM again, yelling at him, “please do the impossible.” We wanted him to deliver that message to all of you. Roger, as all of you, will see limitations before he sees possibilities because limitation was right in front of him. Yesterday while at brunch with his friend, Roger received troubling news of a financial matter that usually derails whatever is before him. Now, this was more challenging for him as he was scheduled to shoot video content on personal development and empowerment. Roger has often allowed his financial condition to control his life, as many of you do. He went to the shooting, but also owned his emotional state and shared it with others there.

As Roger began to speak, which he did for three hours, he experienced almost a shock to his system. He was speaking on and delivering material we had given him over the years, and for the last several years, he wasn’t sure it was effective. When Roger spoke, there could no longer be any doubt. His state changed inexplicably, and he knew he had something of value, which Roger had denied because he had no proof.

When he returned home, he received a text from a friend to watch a video the friend created. Now Roger had further confirmation. The friend, who most others in Roger’s life had seen as a problem, gave him his biggest gift. Roger could see evidence of his work through his friend. Roger related this to his friend, which the friend pushed back on a bit, because he, like most of you, do not recognize the value your mere existence might bring to others. We won’t let him deny his value, though, as he will read these words.

The bottom line is you each believe in limitation, which is why we said, please do the impossible. Roger thought he had something impossible to create, and now we will make it possible, and he will never be hungry again. To make sure he understood, we had him speak to a friend last night who told of their ever increasing and continuing financial success. Now in the past, that news would have destroyed Roger due to his financial condition. But not now.

There is no monetary value that can be measured or compared to the feeling and knowledge you are being your authentic self.

This message is long, we know, but essential. To tie it all together, we will leave you with a message we gave Roger almost three years ago that foretold today.


March 24, 2017

You needed the opposition. While needed is not the appropriate word for need never really exists, it does get you to pay attention. It would be more appropriate to say that you desired the opposition because you knew that would cause you to become motivated, and you wanted the motivation because you knew that would lead you to more self-belief because you also knew that was what you sought and was the only element missing in your personal formula for success.

There is so much for you to study here. The point of all this is, you will find it quite difficult to reach the level of success and accomplishment in your life without the development of your sense of self-belief.


Rw’s Random Blog Featured Roger’s Advice December 2nd 2019

                                       Advice 4 Today

December 2, 2019
 When doubt is no longer a choice you make. We used those words as we want you to accept that when you do experience doubt about who you are or what your life direction might be, it is a choice you are making. Now some of you may want to thank us in advance for the awareness you will gain through this message. 
Yesterday we gave you and Roger a message that also contained a prediction. Roger couldn’t even remember what that was as he needed to ask a friend, and then review it again this morning. We will place the last paragraph in this message for understanding. 
First of all, you all experience doubt in your physical life experience as you must. When you have doubt, it is an uncomfortable physical and emotional place to be, and you want to alleviate that so you will do something to move yourself to comfort. Whatever action you then take will cause you to evolve in some way. Now for a time, you have eliminated that period of doubt. But what about the doubt of your life purpose? Here is the answer. 
When you become willing to step into your intuitive knowing of what you believe you should do in your life, you will eliminate the doubt! We are yelling that.
Roger went to his video shooting yesterday and decided to believe “his” information. We used the quotes as he knows it was all of us who did this. As Roger began to speak, he heard us, the information flowed, and all doubt was removed. We are not saying you won’t experience any challenges or difficulties as you move through your lives, but you will no longer doubt who you are. Please believe us as Roger didn’t until yesterday. 
Yesterday’s prediction:
None of you trust your ideas, creations, or your abilities because you, as Roger, compare your gifts to something that has already been created. It is as if you don’t understand the process of evolution of your world. Roger will change this for himself today, as many of you will as well as you gain the wisdom of this message.
Wilhelm Advice 4 Today

7190 W Sunset Blvd
Ste. 1427
Los Angeles CA 90046

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