Rw’s Music Spotlight The Ms Azealia Banks Factor Tho

Ms Azealia Banks an outspoken female rapper and singer from New York NY via Harlem. Her talent as I would describe it like the blue earthly skies limitless in great potential. She started out putting out music in 2008 during the Myspace era.

Early Beginnings in Artistry

She unfortunately was raised in a chaotic environment in a Harlem neighborhood. Her dad had passed on to the other side due to Cancer. Her mom’s mindset had broken down leading to abusive tendencies involving Miss Banks she was known to throw away perfectly good food as a way torment her children’s spirits and peace of mind. Ms Banks had enough of her mom’s behavior and ended up moving in with her older sister at 14 years old. Musical Theater was her major in school as well as singing, and acting appearing in City Of Angels.

The year was 2008 under the Moniker Miss Banks a temporary phase she released a single called “Gimme a Chance” which eventually was included in her debut LP Broke w Expensive Taste in 2014.

Anna Win tour Music Video Watch it Below

The Azealia Factor Tho

Ms Banks is known to have no filter in regards to the social media world at large. A former pro president trump supporter,bisexual woman dabbling in witchcraft has no problem speaking her fractured mind. At the expense of alienating herself from music fans worldwide, and advancement in the music industry.

Her past issues and childhood dramas has lead her down a slippery slope of crime like physically attacking a French male passenger on a Delta Airliner in September 2018, lightening her natural skin tone due to a injury involving a past miscarriage, A brawl with famous actor Russell Crowe at a party with rapper RZA. Racist remarks in the form of the N word was exchanged between banks and crowe. It is sad that Ms Banks refuses to get help for her bipolar disorder/past issues and instead she takes it out on others on social media. She is a force to be reckoned with in regards to fusion singing and rapping all at the same time. House club music and Hip Hop beats are a major theme in her music which sets banks apart from other female rappers like Nicki Manaj who relies on her surgically enhanced body, and outlandish colorful wigs to get ahead in her own rap career.

I feel that Ms Banks needs focus more on her music career instead of attacking others on social media. At the end of the day she is a human being who makes mistakes from time 2 time I hope she pulls it together in a positive manner and eventually release her new Fantasea Lp in the future although that maybe uncertain. Ms Banks she had went on a internet rant in June 2019 saying that she may retire early from the music industry for reasons unknown to me.


How to selfie responsibly, and other tips for not damaging wildlife while shooting | Popular Photography

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Rw’s Featured Post N Victor’s Words Full Moon Update

I was pretty surprised… at my recent response…

to a recent kundalini yoga class.

I was so PUMPED to go!

& it WAS a really neat class…


I felt absolutely exhausted!

There were people in there 2X my age… kicking my butt! lol

“Why Vic?
Did you not sleep very well?
Were you hungry… not enough food energy?
Something stressing you out?”

The answer to all of those questions is NO…

I slept fine, ate well, and went into class thinking I was ready to rock!

But… about 5 minutes into class I stated to feel…

extremely tired, heavy, and lifeless…

The reason I tell you this is because we have a REALLY strong full moon in a couple days.

Here is a list of the potential PHYSICAL side effects…

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Brain Fog
  • Ringing In The Ears
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional Ups & Downs
  • Overwhelm

Any & all of these symptoms can come on without any obvious cause.

The point of me listing them like this is to let you know it’s normal… you’re not alone… and no… you’re not going crazy lol.

They are actually pretty common… very temporary… and indicative of a very POSITIVE shift you’re going through.

The process is very similar to a good workout.

A tough workout is a challenging experience all around.

Will push you way out of your comfort zone.

& there’s a good chance you’ll be sore for a couple days after.


You come back stronger, faster, sharper and feeling better than ever!


There’s a purpose to the pain… a benefit to the temporary side effects.

The Full Moon transformations are like that… but on a much DEEPER level.

So I always advise people do what the athletes do.

Rest up… drink plenty of water… get to bed early… and be gentle with themselves.

Most importantly… RELAX… and trust that you will feel right as rain in no time 🙂

If this is you… your intuition is already telling you this.

Aside from the physical side of this Full Moon… there’s actually A LOT more going on than this.

If you want to hear my latest thoughts about the Full Moon energy, you can check out my recent YouTube video below.


All the best my friend,



Rw’s The Spiritual Corner In Victor’s Words Wish Him Luck

I don’t have long to chat…

In about 22 minutes… my friend Forrest will be arriving and we will be heading off to a, hopefully really awesome kundalini yoga class!

The reason I am emailing you about this…


I am crunched for time.

My kids start school today and I have to wish them off in a few minutes.

It’s Monday… usually a busy day for me.

& yet I am “squeezing in” this kundalini yoga class…. even though… in this moment it feels very inconvenient. lol

The idea of attending this class resonated BIG TIME… last week.

But now that it’s time to do it… it feels forced.

This is often how the manifestation process goes… which is why emailing about it because it’s a perfect example.

A lot of times ideas come into our head that light us up.

We think… YEAAAS! (this is perfect… this sounds great! etc.)

Have you experienced this?

Of course!

However… when it comes down to adding anything NEW into our lives…

It usually does feel forced… crunched… and sometimes even a bit stressful.

What I have learned however… is to do it anyways!

I have learned that it’s part of the game.

I have learned that I am a very conditioned being lol… and any deviation from my normal patterns doesn’t “feel right.”


Only at first.

Whenever I get ideas that resonate… even though they sometimes are difficult to implement… it’s ALWAYS worth it. (in spite of the early resistance)

I don’t know what the heck is going to happen today during this class.

Who knows, maybe I will finally learn to levitate?

lol j/k

It doesn’t matter…

This was an intuitively guided suggestion… and for that reason alone… I am going to do it.

& if history repeats itself… there will be a lot of GOOD that comes out of it 🙂

Anyways my friends,

I really g2g now!

Wish me luck!



Rw’s Art That Is Badu

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