Rw’s Random Blog Spiritual Corner w Aaron D Let’s Get Shifty Wake Up Folks

Howdy folks Rw’s Random Life here. Aaron D says Right now on the planet it is ESSENTIAL that we all SHIFT into the most Optimal Timeline. This Guided Meditation is specifically designed to help us do EXACTLY that so we raise our vibration and bring in the energy to create powerful change in the most smooth way possible. Right now on the planet there is a lot of chaos as negative energy is brought up to be cleared. We together are choosing our future timelines based on our current energy and intention.

The meditation effect has been proven many times over that many people teaming up with a unified energy and intention has the potential to completely change the world. and this time on the planet marks an important time in Astrology that many people have been waiting for YEARS to occur. ​ We intend to harness this powerful astrological alignment and create a massive SHIFT for humanity in the most positive and harmonious direction possible, but this will require MASS PARTICIPATION and a joining of Hearts and Minds with singular focus and intention on a level that has not yet been reached on planet Earth.

This truly will affect the timeline we are all on and with Millions of people doing it all over the world it will be unlike anything we have experienced before. Do this meditation and share with friends and family so that we add to the collective energy and together SHIFT to the most optimal timeline. #spirituality #meditation #raiseyourvibration ps Make sure to share this important content to your friends, and family in the great awakening.

Rw’s Random Blog Spiritual Corner w Aaron D

Howdy folks Rw’s Random Life here. Aaron D does some brainstorming on the great awakening. So I know this is completely a permission slip however…

I was doing some brainstorming last week when I was coming up with video topics and things I wanted to talk about

I’ve been making some videos on some edgy topics…

like The Great Awakening, Hidden information from the public, and other things that may trigger some people

I enjoy making this content however it is not really the typical “love and light” message

the reason I make this type of content though is because I think it helps people see there is more going on than we think

I had a Vedic astrology reading recently which talked about how part of my passion is connected to bringing hidden information into plain sight

this new information helped give me permission to express myself without judgement

I also realized that even though some of this info triggers some people or is shocking, I share it in a positive way that is empowering (at least that is the intention)

with this new realization I vow to be unapologetically ME going forward and share what I want regardless of judgment

to wire this in, here is an esoteric episode that goes deep on Why I believe what some people call “the cabal” is falling!

click below to check out this brand new episode!

click here to listen on spotify (if you don’t have iphone)

I am also back in Sedona now and the podcast studio is ALMOST Done 🙂

I have some amazing influencers in this space scheduled to come here so we can make some cool episodes for you!

anyways, I am off to the creek now to get in some water!

talk to you soon 🙂

Peace,Much love,
And Namaste

Aaron (i love making podcasts now) Doughty
P.S. did you know I have a podcast where I post 2 times a week? This is separate from Youtube videos and is much more casual and fun!

you can check it out here on Itunes

and here on Spotify

episodes go live every Tuesday and Friday and I am going to be bringing on more epic people in the niche soon which I am super excited to share with you!

Rw’s Random Blog Spiritual Corner My Luna & Sol Test Results

Howdy folks Rw’s Random Life here. I took the Luna & Sol’s spiritual test on July 21 st, 2020 and here is my results so far.


Also known as: Compassion, loving-kindness

Spiritual Archetype: The Healer

My primary spiritual gift is Empathy. You are a person who values gentleness, benevolence, and mercy above all else. At heart, you are a sensitive, caring, and loving person. You are the kind of individual who can easily put yourself in the place of others, feeling their joy and pain at the same time. This makes your spiritual gift extremely rare and valuable. Use the gift of Empathy to guide your life decisions, and you will always make the wisest choices. Congratulations!

Further reading:

30 Signs You’re Born to Be a Spiritual Healer

The Ultimate Empath Guide With 20+ Empowering Resources


Reflect on why empathy is important to you. How can it play a big role in your life? How is it part of your true calling?

Rw’s Random Blog Spiritual Corner w Luna & Sol

Luna & Sol’s Spiritual Gifts Test: What’s Your True Calling?

So far, 2020 has been a year of epic energy shifts and changes.

Now, more than ever is the best time to dive deep into ourselves.

What’s our true path? What’s our greatest gift in this life? And how can we orient ourselves toward creating meaningful change?

This week’s free test might help get you started.

If you’re looking for a place to start and a path to walk, why not take this test and see what answer you get? 

Howdy folks Rw’s Random Life here Luna & Sol teaches Self-love and self-compassion are crucial practices that help us to become the best version of ourselves possible, generating positive ripple effects in the world around us. But if we aren’t careful, the modern notion of self-love can be used as a form of self-judgment: an unrealistically high yardstick that we use to measure our worth, success, and “spiritualness.”

0:00 – Introduction 0:19 – Self-Shaming and Unrealistic Standards 1:14 – Superficial Self-Love and Being Open 1:49 – Compartmentalizing Self-Love & Going Deeper 2:37 – Loving Yourself Doesn’t Mean Being Passive 3:13 – Ask Yourself This Question 3:50 – Conclusion.

ABOUT US Aletheia Luna and Mateo Sol are spiritual counselors and mentors who blend a mixture of psychological + spiritual insight throughout their work. They believe in the value of teaching a down-to-earth approach to spirituality. After uniting on 11.11.11, they created soon after. To this day, lonerwolf is one of the most-visited spiritual websites out there, attracting over 1,000,000 visits each month. They have also published numerous books and resources on the topics of spiritual awakening, inner child work, shadow work + more. STAY CONNECTED ♥

If you’d love to stay connected as this channel grows and evolves, subscribe to this channel (and hit the BELL icon to be notified of new videos!) Sign up to our free newsletter here (+ get free bonuses):

Here’s some guidance for your spiritual awakening journey for the next few days:


Inner Work: Each and every day there are life lessons available for us ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. These lessons help us to grow and fulfill our ultimate potential as human and spiritual beings. Are you making the same mistakes over and over again? Is there something vital you’re supposed to learn right now? 

This week you’re being called to pay attention to the lessons inherent in your situation. What is the message that’s trying to come through? Pay attention to your dreams. What symbols keep arising? Keep in mind that the language of our unconscious is symbolic. Only you can truly interpret and understand the meaning of your dreams, so why not keep a dream journal? Usually, the most important life lessons we need to assimilate are reflected in our dream world. Alternatively, spend time in self-reflection each day. Ask yourself, “what is this difficult person/situation trying to teach me?”

We hope this week’s message helps support you on your path of spiritual and psychological growth. 

Stay wild.

Lots of love and howls, 

Luna & Sol

Rw’s Random Blog Spiritual Corner Dreamscapes w “RW”

Rw’s Dreams 2 Call for Your Higher Self

Howdy folks Rw here. Almost every night I have been burning a white candle along with a Libra incense in order to draw some good energies into my life. I had some crazy dreams last night let me explain.

  • I was on my cellphone watching a popular Youtube witch I call her R. She lives in her car by choice near the Malibu coastline in Santa Monica CA. R was filming herself while topless when suddenly she violently vomits on the ground. At the same time I almost did the same thing in my sleep yikes.
  • Next thing I know my phone in this dream is hacked by the devil himself no matter what I did remedy the situation nothing was working. So I blacked out while in my dream state I called upon my 3rd eye chakra or my higher self for some help. When I came to A young caucasian woman like entity appeared before me. She seemed sketchy and mysterious as I had never seen her in my dreams before.
  • Explaining to this entity about chakras and God in general she then tells my that she created this dreamscape reality that I was in we then walked to this location not known to me. I did not want to be in her presence any longer so I flew away from this entity to a unknown house where a family were discussing some issues although I did not understand what they was talking about.
  • Dream 2 I felt like I was observing a post apocalyptic movie playing out involving an alien invasion?, and a virus that caused the faces of a family that was driving to melt completely off horrible stuff. Next I was with my aunty L at this unknown Govt facility waiting for something. I then was instructed to deposit some small package possibly drugs a small robot or droid collected it then zoomed away down the dimly lit hallway corridor that was that.

Next I was at my now deceased grandmother’s house in Compton Ca. On the floor was some money that did not appear to be USA currency. I picked it up then proceeded to leave while telling my Grandmother goodbye. While outside my Uncle K had got into his truck although in the real world he owns a car. So anyways he drives away however I was planning on going with him to destination unknown. I also departed from the house on foot no sure where i was going the I woke up. The End………

I write this to say that these dreams may have been a spiritual vision btw I have precognition psychic abilities or my conscience was processing the current events with the covid-19 situation, and conspiracy theories on world events.

Hey folks tell me in the comments below of your craziest dreams, or nightmares I would love to see them thank you.

Rw’s Random Blog Spiritual Corner w Roger B Any Advice Today

Roger B Vocal Coach

You will find Yourself coming to Care more for Others

Uploaded July 20th, 2020

You will find yourself coming to care more for others. We are flowing so much information to Roger that he requires a bit of time to decipher it all, but also, as usual, he doesn’t always believe us. We will prove it to you by the end of this message.

Some time ago, a bit before your current pandemic took hold, we had Roger blurt out during a talk he was giving to entrepreneurs, that if their businesses were not for the betterment of all, they might experience difficulty. Roger was not sure what that meant, but more of you are witnessing that phenomenon now. 

When the pandemic became your reality, we sent Roger back to 1918, where he discovered some strange phenomena then, which has now become referred to as community spread. What that meant was the virus at that time was spreading without any known human contact. What humanity was meant to glean from that experience is that you are all connected by far more than your physical bodies. What affects one affects all. You never change anything quickly or easily, so you have come back for round two. 
Yesterday, Roger witnessed several people in a photo where they were burning their masks in defiance of current laws to assert their freedom of choice.  

At that moment, we told Roger that Nelson Mandela never lost his freedom of choice, for he knew where it existed, and it was far more critical for him to demonstrate that to others to further the evolution of all. That was his mission and purpose, and you have yours. The people Roger saw were serving their purpose as well. Contrasting views, opinions, and actions by others provide you with a context to decide who you want to be.

The part that each of you has missed utilizing, as mentioned, is your nurturing feminine natures. But what you didn’t recognize is that you were not harnessing that energy within yourselves. Now when you remember we are speaking to the collective you, this will make sense. 

Now we’ll prove to you how Roger never believes us. He has worked on his online program for years but kept thinking there was more he needed to do. Yesterday he “discovered” we had given him everything, and now his most significant dilemma is deciding what to use. The same is true for you, and when you harness your feminine nurturing energies directed toward yourself, can you not see how you will begin to care for others by definition? 
We know this might appear complicated, but study it a bit, and you may be surprised by the clarity you discover. Remember, you will be fine. Wilhelm

Rw’s Random Blog Spiritual Corner w Aaron D

Victor Oddo Spiritualist and Healer
Aaron Doughty Spiritualist and Healer

Howdy folks Aaron Doughty the spiritualist shares the shift experience on his website. If you all can read this…

then you are on the path of raising your frequency…

how do I know this?

we can only perceive that which we are the vibration of…

The SHIFT Experience training is coming out tomorrow and is ALL about raising your vibrational state of consciousness

sooooo, in honor of The SHIFT Experience Webinar training coming tomorrow!

I decided to release an exclusive video for YOU to show you a “glimpse” of what the SHIFT Experience is all about!

Click below to check out this new video on The ONE thing you MUST do to experience the SHIFT in consciousness

this is the first video in a 4 video series that will show you about how you can SHIFT your level of consciousness

lately, you may have heard me talk about the book “The Autobiography of a Yogi…”

in this book, the author shares stories of experiences he had with high vibrational Yogis…

these people could do “literally” magical things

and in the new webinar coming out on Wed,

I show you all about that…

as well as how YOU can raise your vibrational level of consciousness

I am so excited to share it with you!

anyways, I’ll talk to you soon!

Much love
And Namaste

Aaron (sooooo excited to help you SHIFT) Doughty

p.s for the first video giving you a sneak peak at the SHIFT Experience, click here!

Rw’s Random Blog Spiritual Corner w Mystic Persia “River of Nile”

Howdy folks welcome to Rw’s Random Blog. Mystic Persia goes over all things in spirituality in this video enjoy.

Her website

Rw’s Random Blog Spiritual Corner w Aaron D

Howdy folks Aaron goes over the elites secret plans in this video. Right now millions of people are STUCK within the confines limitation. This video I’ll Reveal 3 Signs Their “Secret Plan” isn’t working and EXACTLY how to Reclaim your POWER. 3 Hidden Agendas Going On Right Now: ➡ Join The Emotional Transformation Process: ➡ https://www.emotionaltransformationpr… Join The Next FREE Meditation Activation With Me: ➡… Join The SHIFT Academy for Monthly LIVE Coaching with Me: ➡…

Rw’s Random Blog Spiritual Corner 4 Libras

For Everyone: It’s like the harder we struggle to get something we want, the further we push it away today; this goes for relationships, emotions, abundance, and opportunities. While the demanding Aries Moon is making tense angles to both possessive Pluto and forbidding Saturn, our desires remain elusive. Fortunately, Luna moves into contented Taurus at 1:34 pm EDT, making it easier to rest, relax, and let the universe’s natural abundance flow into our lives. The only thing standing between us and our dreams is resistance. Stop fighting and start allowing.

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