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In this vlog, I will be discussing my experience at Western Dental. I also will be talking about new construction projects in San Jose Ca.

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How are things going folks? This Vlog is for my casino online gambling fans from all over the globe. If you like this video then leave your comments down below thanks.

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Rw’s Randomness Vlogs Would You Like A Snack

Good day, folks take a peek into my home life as I show you my contents of snacks among other supplies in my cupboard. Enjoy my vlog make sure to like and subscribe folks thanks.

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Good day folks and welcome to Rw’s The Trends/Rw’s Random Blog. In this video I will be featuring my favorite youtubers like Ej Speaks, and Lady Luck Hq their link will be posted below. I will post vlogs about once a week so stay tuned and subscribe for more updates thanks.

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Aaron’s look at what I was told about 2021….

According to Aaron my buddy Victor Oddo and I had a private session with a mentor of ours names Bashar he’s been around for over 30 years teaching about how the universe works, what’s going on in the world right now etc when Victor and I became best friends back in 2017 Bashar was the thing we both had in common as we listened to him ALOT and this year we both had a private session with him for the first time ever!

My awoken ones here is what he said about what is going on right now in the world… that right now, there are MANY parallel realities that exist not just as a metaphor… but LITERALLY there is a splitting of parallel realities happening right now and the energy WE are in is determining WHICH parallel reality we are on we were asking about the craziness of the lockdowns, fear, media etc and what he said was that life can actually be getting BETTER if we are on that timeline.

We do not FEED into the fear, the media, etc and CHOOSE to be in the reality we want there is a global shift in energy happening and this energy is a part of a process he said it is important to get on the timeline we prefer, because as time goes on… the momentum picks us and “switching tracks” becomes more difficult.

To start 2021 with a BANG of us being on the most optimal timeline I have decided to run the 21 day Raise Your Vibration Challenge for the first 21 days of 2021!

Registration is now open and you can join at the link below! remember, your vibration is naturally high AF all you have to do is release attachment to that which is NOT you attachment to…

-a limiting belief
-a negative label
-a thought
-a person/ex/etc

Once you let go, you become FREE if you want to go through a 21 day process of letting go and raising your vibration click here this challenge goes beyond “thinking a better thought” and involves changing the vibration from the inside out.

The goal is for you to raise your vibration to a solid 8-9 out of 10 to be in more alignment and flow than ever to gain clarity and confidence and to have meditation practices and high vibe processes that stay with you FOR LIFE and plus we can all use the power of a group to not only meet people in a similar vibe and find our tribe… but ALSO use group intention to impact the collective consciousness.

talk to you soon!

much love
and Namaste

Aaron Doughty

p.s in case you missed it, the 21 day raise your vibration challenge is open for enrollment right now and we begin together on January 1st! click here to join 🙂

Rw’s Just Be Honest With Yourselves folks Jeez Payday Loan Drama Pt 1.

Good day folks Rw’s Random Life here shall we go back to a grim and dreary time in my life ok folks let’s begin. It was around the holidays 2018 to be precise most americans were rushing to and fro preparing for the christmas season whether it be purchasing gifts, and groceries for the ultimate feast. My life at the time however was in shambles folks.

1. The Streetlife Factor Father Joe’s Village?

The Streetlife Factor: Due to certain bad life choices in regards to financial managment, (payday loans, bad credit) and dysfunctional relatives i will explain that later on folks. I found myself living on the cold streets of downtown San Diego yikes. My experiences in that city was like finding a needle in a thick haystack for example.

Father Joe’s Village

The city was going through a crisis dealing with the homeless populations. As I walked Along Imperial ave navigating myself safely through the lost souls or outcasts of high society?. Portable washing stations was made available to the public to fight off the germs all around us. The thing was that certain washing station were often out of service for whatever reasons, and neglected.

Father Joe’s Village was the hub for all things homeless services from housing to food providers you name it was there folks. Although temp shelter was provided it was extremely difficult for me to recieve any due to high demand. I would often waste my time and energy waiting in long lines, witnessing various people fussing and fighting about whatever, and waiting for a few hours in a small cold waiting room just to be giving the run around and told by the staff that no shelter had any vacant space for me back to square one.

2. Loans, Loans, & More Loans Folks

At the time I dreaded asking my family for money, and telling them I was in between homes so payday loans was my go to plan for attempting to make it through that month. The good thing in all this insanity was that my important belongings was safely in a storage unit located near a light rail line which was a big help for me.

I remember sitting nervously in a chair at Wells Fargo bank. You see my goal was to reactivate my checking account in order to apply for a payday loan down the street however there a price to pay literally. A voice in my head as outlandish as it seems told me that I would have to pay out of pocket about $300 to reopen my account.

A small panic attack (social anxiety disorder)rushes over me as I made the transaction thinking to myself will I be able to be approved for a loan to make it through that month? Success my bank account has now been reactivated by the way I still use this same account to this day folks.

I then make my way down a lonely empty sidewalk the anxiety is still with me. Now here is where things get interesting folks. Usa Check Center was the place I had an existing loan account with so logically thinking that the proccess would go through smoothly right? NOPE .

Come to find out I had delinquent past accounts with other loan establishments so what ended up happening was the loan amount approved for me was only a measly $50 dollars out of $250. Believe you me I was LIVID lol this will not obviously hold me over to next month thinking to myself.

At the downtown San Diego library currently closed due to the Covid-19 situations all around the globe. I scramble trying to apply for more funding sources to get me by. The next place was in the Lemon Grove district called Moneytree. So here I was thinking at the time sinse my account with them was in a good place right. Another roadblock ahead make a detour Rw so basically I was told by the staff working with me that their location has different rules, and regulations so that meant no loan for me I guess AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH lol.

So folks just what have I learned from this honestly. Well according to Mr Gerrit H Debt is like a disease that can enable us from living a happy and normal life by taking control over our lives. Most of us don’t even know how we end up in the situation we are in. Buying every thing we own with credit has become our culture. But don’t let debt control your life any more. You can take over your life again. Imagine life with out debt!

So payday loans are good to have when a desperate situation arises however I bit off more than I can chew and should have saved up enough money the years before-hand. Having a nice savings account is a must during these chaotic times with that said stay prepared folks. Part 2 is next stay tuned.

Rw’s Just Be Honest W Yourselves Up N Flames The Burning Man Sydrome Pt 2

Good day folks Rw here this is part 2 of Rw’s Just Be Honest with Yourselves pt 1. Living on the streets of San Diego in 2018 about 3 years ago was a difficult period in my young adult life. I was not able to aquire additional funding (payday loans) so I had to take extreme measures while at the time living the streetlife folks.

I remember waiting in line at the Salvation Army Centre City Corps facility downtown to make sure I had a decent meal for the night. Surrounded by sketchy characters of the gritty city streets. My guard was all the way up that night. I anxiously stood in one spot as the folks around me were smoking their cigarettes and bullshitting about things I did not care to understand.

An hour later the staff let us into the facility next thing I know seated at a long drab table next to strangers some of them complaining about the food yikes. I think to myself they should be appreciative of the fact that they’re getting a hot meal others out there are not so fortunate jeez Louis lol.

After the humble staff prayed over our meal we hunker down and eat right on up. I remember eating that night was some chili along with other side dishes. Afterward, we were giving some essential supplies and out the door, we went back to the cold streets. My feet began to ache a little as I walk down Broadway to my usual sleeping spot near Lane Field Park. You see folks I picked this area to sleep in due to the strong wifi connection and the light rail line that was vital for me to carry on my business.

As I attempted to get a good night’s sleep on a hard a@# wooden bench yikes out of the blue a man began chatting with me while his friend relieved himself (#2) on the park grounds. The ironic thing about this situation was that across the street there was a 24hr restroom that he could’ve used instead of pooping on the ground and having someone else clean it up the next morning.

  Evacuate The Library Folks O.M.G.

The insanity did not end there folks. My usual hang out spot was at the downtown San Diego Library. A high-rise building with elevators meant that I could have access to the rooftop level so UP I went and found a good spot to conduct my business for that fateful day.

A few hours of me working on my then refurbished slow as hell grey laptop now replaced with a new one thank god lol. Suddenly one of the library’s staff comes up to me and says that we all need to vacate the building ASAP RIGHT NOW WTF. As I gather my things the man rushes me to leave meanwhile I am feeling a little pissed off at this point because I am not able to fully charge my phone and other electronics all the while this man is still rushing me LEAVE ME ALONE I think to myself.

So as we all stand outside the building waiting on any pending updates about the situation at hand my anxiety goes through the sky OH BOY. Here is the kicker it turned out that a homeless man was abusing drugs in the public restrooms and the police were notified causing all of this chaos. The situation comes to a close as we are told that the library was shutting down early. So here I was with a half-charged phone, a confused look on my face. As the other open libraries were too far and my money was low at the time. I went back to my sleeping spot that’s where hell broke out again.  

  Up In Flames Dead Man Burning Folks

As I slept the cold night away something told me to wake the he@@ up. Like out of an action movie sh@@ got real that night. A drunken male driver, and his or her partner was speeding down N Harbor drive their fate was sealed when KABOOM the car erupted in flames. He transitioned to the spirit world that night before my very eyes. I hide under my cover anxiety panic rushes over me like no one was around to witness this tragedy at that moment. 

I try my best to stay hidden as the ambulance and police sirens echo into the night. Next, I run to the 24 hr restroom to hide and make some sense of what was going on. The lone police officer knocks on the stall door and tells me to exit the property while they further investigate the situation at hand. The next morning I find myself at the downtown library enough of this insanity I need to contact my relatives for some help however things go from bad to absolute worse.

It seemed like I was in a twilight zone episode as my auntie confronted me on the phone well I needed about 20 dollars to hold me over until payday. You all she let me have it lol next thing I know out of the blue this homeless couple near me get into an almost physical altercation O.M.G. The weird about that situation was they just sitting there quietly as a mouse and yet the minute my relative started arguing with me on the phone all of sudden that situation occurred. It was like a weird demonic paranormal type of situation. 

Later on that day I contacted my other relative so I can stay with them temporarily until my situation improves YEAH RIGHT. A few days later I gathered my belongings from storage and Compton was where I was headed however my hellish experiences continues in the next story folks stay tuned.   

Anna’s It’s been one hell of a year…releasing the stresses and traumas of 2020

Good day my awoken ones. As 2020 is ending soon, it felt like a fitting time to write about what has happened this year and how to know if you are carrying too much stress from the events of the last 12 months. Not just regular stress that you can soothe away with a bubble bath or a glass of wine, but the kind of stress that hangs around and sticks with you because your brain still hasn’t fully integrated the events that caused the stress.

This is called post-traumatic stress, and it isn’t usually something you can soothe away with your usual approach to reducing stress, like yoga or exercise. You will need to try something different.

This is something I have a lot of experience with myself & I felt moved to write an article about how to know if you’re carrying post-traumatic stress, and some resources to take care of it, if you are. I also share some of my experiences from this year with this kind of stress and how it’s impacted on my mental health.

A couple of other bits & bobs to know about…I am temporarily offering mini readings. They are priced at $65 each and there’s only 20 available. These make great Christmas gifts. If you book before 19th December, your reading will be received before 25th December NZ time (which is 24th Dec in the rest of the world.)

Scroll down for more articles, too. I hope that you have a great rest of the week! Anna x

Anna’s How to Identify & Release Traumatic Stress from the Events of 2020

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Aaron D’s Important 12-12 Message About Well Today Folks

By Aaron D: Good day can you feel the buzz, Awoken ones?

the energy is increasing on the planet and it’s a super exciting time to be alive the numerology of 12-12 represents the completion of an old cycle and many refer to today as an ascension gateway and in about a week on the inverse date (12-21) the sign of Sagittarius will be aligned with the Galactic Center.

Plus with these next 2 weeks will be a powerful time to declare the patterns you want to let go of and then get clear on what you want to wire in it is also a time for us light-workers to anchor in high vibrational energy to remain an observer of all that is happening in the collective

what do you want to create for yourself in 2021?

what kind of energy to do want to let go of?

what kind of energy do you want to wire in?

as we look out into the world, the old 3D is falling away

old power dynamics and forms of manipulation are not able to be plotted without the people catching on and catching it

I believe we are on a very optimal timeline right now and that the light has “in a way” already won however one thing I feel called to do to really wire this in is to do another 21 day Raise Your Vibration Challenge with you all! this will be a way of wiring in the highest vibrational versions of us for the first 21 days of 2021

Look at that numerology btw!

21 day challenge the first 21 days of 2021! on 12-21-20 registration will open and then on January 1st, 2021 the 21 days will begin and each day we will go through the process together!

I’ll send you more details soon just wanted to let you know so you can plan for it!

the 21 Day Raise Your Vibration Challenge is a process of 21 videos with step-by-step instructions on how let go of the old attachments, beliefs, labels, and past to then wire in the highest vibrational

My awoken ones these aren’t just videos though, there are action steps at the end of each video that you then post in the community Facebook group to hold yourself accountable.

So what makes it different is the community that comes with it called “the high vibe tribe” who are people all over the world who are similar to you and on the journey of raising their vibration.

there is one big promise…

You all will be a completely new person in 21 days after you start the process. if you want to join the 21 day challenge text me the words “21 days” to +1 (424) 304-0104 and I’ll text you when registration opens so you don’t miss it! anyways I hope you have a super potent 12-12 day today!

talk to you soon, Awoken Ones!

much love,
Aaron Doughty

p.s in case you missed it I am currently sending the High Vibe Thought of the Day messages via text 2-3 times a week!

If you want me to text you the high vibe thought of the day texts that include the current books I am reading, my top insights, etc then text “vibe” to 1(424) 304-0104 and I’ll add you to it!

Today Folks You will Be Successful

December 13, 2020 By Roger B Today you will be successful. You can make that choice every day, but typically you fear doing so. We will have this all make sense, and we will tie it into your current massive restructuring.

As we have said, that restructuring is occurring within you, and while we cannot tell you what that may be for you specifically, we can tell you it is there, or you would not be alive at this time and this specific event, for that is what is occurring.
Roger is holding a webinar today, and we guided him to do what he has been unwilling to do for eons, and that is to do his “job.”  Today he will do that, and you might make that choice as well, especially as you examine your world. 

We led Roger to a message of ours that almost shocked him, but it has always been there. You will find that the biggest irony of your life is attempting to “find” yourself, and all you had to do was step into that, but your fear held you back. The pandemic, and the election in the United States, which we also said would lead the way in this restructuring, has caused you all to decide who you want to be.

We then solved another mystery for Roger, which may aid many of you. Roger has wondered why he had one folder in his possession with the label, August 2005. It contains Roger’s transcriptions of dreams Roger had, which is not typical for him, and he possesses no other folder of that nature. This morning we led him to a video of Eckhart Tolle, whom we have mentioned before.

In 2005 Roger was reading Eckhart’s book, “The Power of Now.” During that process, Roger affected healing, which had plagued him for decades, even to the point where he wanted to take his life. During that period, Roger wrote one dream he has been unwilling to acknowledge or own until today. You may have done this, and now you are being “pushed” to accept who you are, which is all you are ever doing in your life. 

In the video this morning, Eckhardt said to Roger it was now time for him to step into his role, and that was precisely how it felt to Roger. Primarily due to the world’s conditions, he felt “pushed” to do his job, and that is why we said he would be successful, but you can make the same choice.
Now we will leave you with a link to a message that will help you make that choice. You will be fine! 
The message:

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